18 hrs


Intro to Mid


March -2023

Target group:

Brokerage & Asset Management




1- An Overview of the Investment Process:
• What is an investment?
• Measures of return and risk.
• Determinants of required rates of return.
• Relationship between risk and return.

2- Bond Fundamentals:
• Basic features of a bond.
• The global bond market structure.
• Alternative bond issues.
• Obtaining information on bond prices.
3- The Analysis and Valuation of Bonds:
• The fundamentals of bond valuation.
• Computing bond yields
• Calculating future bond prices.
• Bond valuation using spot rates
• What determines interest rates
• Calculating forward rates from the spot rate curve.
• Term structure theories.
• What determines the price volatility for bonds?
• Yield spreads with embedded options
4- Bond Portfolio Management Strategies:
• Bond Portfolio Performance, style, and strategy.
• Passive management Strategies
• Active management strategies

5- Asset Back Securities.
• What is the securitization?
• Benefits of securitization for economies and financial markets.
• Securitization process, including the parties to the process, the roles they play, and the legal structures involved.
• Types of asset backed securities.
• Characteristics of asset-backed securities, and explain the cash flows and credit risk for each type.
• Motivation for creating securitized structures with multiple tranches, and the characteristics and risks of securitized structures.
• The Role of Special Purpose Vehicle.
• Securitization in Egypt.
• How to structure asset backed securities offering.
• Financial Modeling.
• Case study.